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Plastics Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCRC) Workload Analysis for Fiscal Year (FY) 2025

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Ecology's estimated annual costs for FY 2025 are detailed in the Plastics PCRC Workload Analysis. The workload and associated costs are estimated for two types: Program Administration and Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCRC) Oversight. In addition, this document provides a summary of costs by product category and estimated fee levels per pound of total plastic based on the registration data submitted in calendar year 2023. These costs and fee levels serve as a planning tool for producers to anticipate their annual fee invoices, which will be sent out by mid-May 2024. Actual fees will be calculated based on registration data submitted by April 1, 2024. Producers will be notified as soon as possible if significant variations occur between estimated and actual costs. We value your feedback on the information presented in this report and welcome suggestions to enhance its usefulness in future years.

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